A integrated platform for the innovative drug development throughout providing high-quality R&D services

About Us

Shanghai Sunway Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the National Science and Technology Park of USST and Shanghai Qishi Science and Technology Park. After more than ten years of development, SunwayPharm has become comprehensive service platform for an innovative drug integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The unique serving system has been built for pharmaceutical enterprises, universities and research centers at home and abroad. At present, It owns the complete R & D, pilot test and production bases in Shanghai, Weifang, Kunming, Zhengzhou, Yantai, etc., and has reached strategic cooperation with more than 10 well-known universities and laboratories in China.


Through unremitting efforts, the company's strength has become increasingly strong, and excellent R & D talents, including more than 10 doctors, have participated in the research and development of important national projects for many times, and many people have been included in the national reserve of outstanding scientific research talents.


The company is committed to becoming an integrated service platform for innovative drug industry. Based on the global market, closely combined with the characteristics of the industry, relying on the strong scientific research strength, integrating the cutting-edge research and development technology, and providing efficient and rapid response to customers. We provide four core services, including customized synthesis production,new drug research and development, building blocks, analytical services. The equipment content with ultra low temperature reaction, ultra-high temperature reaction, fluorination reaction, chiral asymmetric synthesis, enzyme catalysis, continuous reaction a series of key technologies to provide customers with efficient and quality services. At the same time, a library of molecular blocks and template molecules with up to 40 classes of novel structures was constructed. With combination of these molecular blocks and template molecules, a large number of virtual compounds. We are reasonably designed to efficiently discover the structure-activity relationship of compounds, and finally determine the clinical candidates, shortening the compound screening time and accelerating the drug development process.

As your trusted partner, we are committed to helping you speed up the development of innovative drugs. Every R & D member is always based on the present situation, adheres to the primary principle of "customer first", unifies personal planning with the ultimated goal of the enterprise, overcomes difficulties during process of innovative drugs, and contributes to the pharmaceutical industry!


We adhere to the core concept of "dream creation, dedication, mutual win-win, sincerity and health" to provide you with perfect, positive solutions, so as to help you make brilliant achievements in the wave of innovative drugs. We are proud of the birth of every achievement we ever participated in, and we are honored to play an important role in the successful process from exploration to development! We look forward to expanding our partnership and setting more milestones in the years to come.




Core values - dream, dedication, double-wins, sincerity, health


Keep up with the times and work hard with our like-minded friends to create miracles!


In Sunway, knowledge exploring is boundless. The company's sustainable development depends on the contribution of every talent. With the purpose of serving customers and dedicated working attitude, we explore new knowledge in the professional field constantly, keep making progress on the job, grasp every detail carefully, and create values for both the team and individual.


Adhere to the realization of customer value as the value of mutual benefit, mutual trust with you, concerted efforts, sincere cooperation, to achieve the common development of enterprises and team members.


Based on customer needs, and treat each customer with integrity.


Provide comprehensive services for drug research and development, and be committed to sustainable green chemistry, environmental protection and human health, and contribute to creating a happy life for human beings.

Corporate Vision - Accelerate the development of innovative drugs and create a healthy life for human beings

Business Philosophy -Based on science and seek truth from facts.

Corporate Spirit -Hard work, excellence, pursuit of excellence.

Corporate Style - Being honest and trustworthy, rigorous and efficient, pragmatic and innovative.

Humanistic Policy – Human-oriented, attracting people with lofty goals, professional talents, and excellent culture.

Management Strategy - Unity and cooperation, advance with the times, win-win cooperation

Corporate Mission -Care for health with technology.

Corporate Slogan-trust us and create brilliance!

Partnership – Respect for individuals and make them display talents freely. We respect the personalities of employees, encourage employees to exert their own subjective initiative, create a development platform for employees, provide development opportunities, and let them continue to surpass themselves in the field.

Employee Goals - Work together to achieve common prosperity

We encourage every like-minded dreamer to combine their personal ideals with the company's goals. While achieving the company's goals, they can also achieve their personal goals


  • Dr. Herry Zeng


  • Dr. Richard Liang


  • Dr. Fangjun, Xiong


  • Dr. Shaodi, Song


  • Dr. Feng Li


  • Dr.Yuchi Ma


Dr. Herry Zeng


Dr. Herry Zeng is the chairman and the Co-Founder of Sunwaypharm, where he acts as the key architect of Sunwaypharm’s strategic vision and growth. Dr. Zeng has over 10 years of process chemistry experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


Dr. Zeng is an expert chemist with over 30 peer-reviewed publications and over 10 patents and applications. He received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Fudan University.

Dr. Richard Liang


Dr. Richard Liang is chief executive officer and the Co-Founder of Sunwaypharm. In this role, Dr. Liang is responsible for the oversight of all business divisions across the organization as well as formulating and driving key strategies for diversifying and growing the company. Dr. Liang is experienced in the area of medicinal chemistry, he discovered two clinical candidates, one of which have entered clinical trials.


Dr. Liang is an expert medicinal chemist with over 40 peer-reviewed publications and over 10 patents and applications. He received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Fudan University.

Dr. Fangjun, Xiong


Dr. Fangjun, Xiong is chief Technology officer, where he is in charge of the new technology development and applications for the Shanghai R&D center. Dr. Xiong is experienced in the area of process development.


Dr. Xiong has co-authored more than 30 research articles and patents. He received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Fudan University.


Dr. Shaodi, Song


Dr. Shaodi, Song is responsible for the quality management of Sunwaypharm. In her role, Dr. Song is in charge of the product quality control. Prior to joining Sunwaypharm in 2019, She have spent over 8 years at various companies including WuXi AppTec,, STA Pharmaceutical inc, Porton and Biocompounds Pharmaceutical inc in the area of process research and medicinal chemistry.


Dr. Song earned her Ph.D. in industrial catalysis from East China University of Science and Technology. She published 5 papers and 1 patent

Dr. Feng Li


Dr. Feng Li is senior vice president and head of R&D research of WeiFang at Sunwaypharm and associate professor of Ocean University of China. Prior to joining Sunwaypharm in 2019, he have spent over 5 years in the area of process research and medicinal chemistry at Ocean University of China. Dr. Li is experienced in the area of process development and medicinal chemistry.


Dr. Li has co-authored more than 50 research articles and patents. He received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Fudan University.


Dr.Yuchi Ma


Dr.Yuchi Ma is senior vice president and the general manager of the Testing& Analysis Center at Sunwaypharm and Associate researcher, Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Ma is experienced in the area of medicinal chemistry, He discovered one clinical candidate that were advanced into phase II.


Dr. Ma earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences followed by a postdoctoral fellow in Pharmacology at Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica. Dr. Ma has co-authored more than 20 research articles and patents.